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Has cooking become a bit of a chore with your food no longer tasting the way that it used to? Has your electricity bill suddenly gone through the roof? Have you thought the problem may be your dirty cooker? We know cleaning it isn’t the nicest of jobs but our Sussex oven cleaning service is here to help you.

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| Oven Cleaning

We use a process called the dip tank method. After removing the oven door and racks, the interior oven surfaces are given a deep down clean. The removed parts are soaked in a hot water and cleaning detergent solution, that effectively dissolves the grime. Before being replaced, the ovens exterior surfaces undergo a good clean. Once the cleaning is over we test it to make sure everything is fully operational.

We’ll leave your oven completely free of grime, grease and those nasty smelling burnt on carbon deposits.
You can use your oven as soon as we’ve finished our cleaning procedures and your food will taste much better than before our visit
Your oven will be dismantled and thoroughly cleaned using the dip-tank method, that involves soaking in a tank of detergent solution. This method is completely safe but highly effective.
We’ll leave your oven completely free of grime, grease and those nasty smelling burnt on carbon deposits.
The methods we use are safe for all members of your household including pets and children. The cleaning products we use are free from toxins and result in a hygienic clean.

| Barbecue Cleaning

The perfect adjunct to our oven cleaning services, our barbecue cleaning option is a great way to get all of your cooking appliances taken care of in one easy move. Prepare for the coming summer, or to store your cooker for the winter with a little help from the expert cleaners.

| Agar Cooker Cleaning

Marketed as "the World's favourite cooker", Agar are a famous and highly reliable brand of both classic, and more modern appliances. The experts know how important your Agar will be to you, so they take especial care when performing our Agar cooker cleaning service.

| Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Relying on your regular staff to clean the kitchen in your restaurant or public house after a long day at work is rarely a recipe for success. Our service for commercial kitchen cleaning is flexible and reliable, allowing you to call in a professional, specialist to keep your kitchen in a condition that'll beat any health inspection.


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